HELLION Defender 600-750W HPS-DE Kit combines seamlessly efficiency and versatility with the raw power of double ended bulbs and dimmable - digital UHF electronic ballast 600-750W 400V comes in a beautiful clean white colour and with a durable housing. The ballast has 3 power settings: 750W, 600W, 450W. Both 750W and 600W settings have equal power efficiency which is a unique feature of this top quality design. The ballast is now possible integrate directly to the fixture, but still lets the possibility to place it also separately to a preferred place. This combination is smartly achieved due to a durable metal rail, which lets to connect the reflector and the ballast very easily and firmly. The overall design looks simple, beautiful and perfect and has a lot offer. The wings can be set in 5 different width settings as well as the the bulb position has 5 different hight possibilities. This combined with the smart and useful Super Spreader, will let to place the fixture closer, than any other double ended lighting system. 

DE 600-750w HPS Defender Remote Kit

REMOTE (excl. Hellion reflector connector)

COMBO (incl. Hellion reflector connector)

Non-Assembled, but easy to mount

Reduces heat and saves power

Increase yield per lamp up to 80%

Increase the growing area under each lamp up to 80%

Includes Defender medium wings with reflection of 86%

Adjustable double parabolic wings

White heat resistant powder-coat reflecting material

Corrosion resistant

5 x wings width settings with a durable wire

5 x bulb hight settings

Includes DE (double ended) lamp holder

Includes 600-750W 400V DE HPS bulb

Bulbs with high PAR 1225-1550 (PPFD) output

Dimmable 600-750W 400V digital UHF ballast

Dimming range 450/600/750W

Includes connector to fix ballast to reflector

Includes 1 x 2 m EU power cable

Designed for grow rooms, not for greenhouse application

Includes DE Super Spreader

Built-in hanger holes

Adjust-A-Wings HELLION defender DE 600-750 Watt Combo Kit-EU

SKU: AAW:0000888